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January 30, 2015 1:28PM

Coming soon to your nearest facebook page … What has been happening to the CMonster …. what exciting, interesting, weird, wonderful, news has Linda experienced lately that you need to hear…. she’ll be here this weekend in person sharing her progress as she fights along side the Doctor, her hubby, and family and friends to enjoy a long and happy and loving life without the monster bugging her! Catch up soon (coming by February 1, 2015)…

November 19 3:44PM

WHOOP WHOOP!!!! I just love it when I can share good — no, GREAT — news — Dr. Visit this morning after a abdominal and chest CT Scan. You all know I changed my cancer drug a couple of months back, right? Well….Doc was just BEAMING when he walked in …. The new drug has reduced ALL of my tumors/masses, not just liver or pancreas or lymph, but ALL of them are reduced in size! Plus, this drug does not affect my taste buds as much as the old. I’m just dancing on air, or maybe dancing madly backwards, I am so happy!!! C-Monster gets another direct hit! WhoooHoooooo!!

October 3 7:01PM


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UPDATE: Okay, a little bit of a Linda’s Fight update here. They took me off Sutent (targeting the cancer on my liver) about 2 weeks ago. Spot on liver is not gone, but it’s somewhat contained, and less than half what it was when we started. But the spot on my pancreatic duct was growing a teeny bit, so Dr. Nic wanted to attack that for a while. I cleaned out most of the Sutent, and last night (10/2) began taking Afinitor, which is used for a number of targeted cancers, including PNET (Pancreatic NeuroEndocrine Tumors).

I am supposed to be taking a second chemo at the same time, but… well, I will write more about this later, but basically, the “review board” for the insurance company apparently thinks it knows better than the board certified oncologist who is treating me, and has denied coverage. Working on that, the Doc is, but for now, i am taking part of my treatment by itself. I have complete faith in my doctor, my nurses, my whole oncology team, and in my husband, myself, and in my God. I’m going to beat this stuff, one way or another. That’s a fact, Jack!

I’m upbeat, happy, feeling pretty good, keeping my weight below 185 (i’d like to slide back down a little more, but don’t wanna be sick to do it!) The love, prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts and all that stuff coming at me from all over the WORLD is uplifting and truly truly helps me keep my own mood up.

And once again, I would like to thank everyone out there who is working really hard to keep Eric’s mood and faith on the upbeat side…. He is my rock, and you all help to keep that rock steady! I love you for it!

March 6 1:36AM


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UPDATE 3-5-14: Checkup at the Doctor’s today — while I may never completely be rid of the cancer that has invaded my body, it has been trounced significantly — the large mass in my liver has been reduced to the point that the “numbers” that indicate functionality of the liver — which were 3 times higher (worse) than “normal” — are back to “normal” levels, the mass reduced in size (which was the point of the “targeted chemotherapy” — my appetite is more than recovered, i am eating better than i have in years, my energy and self-confidence have been increasing, and I’m going back to work on Monday. And my wonderful doctor was as excited by the news as much as Eric and I were!

I still covet your prayers and positive thoughts, and your support for my beloved Eric who has worked SO hard to keep me going and moving to recovery, as I continue to fight this monster. I’m working hard on the “stamina” factor, and will begin walking regularly, and hopefully will find a place to swim regularly this summer. You all have been a part of the blessing bestowed upon me, and i treasure you and your support more than i can ever say.

To the unbelievably wonderful people who populate my world, including their friends, co-workers, and other family, most especially my Husband, Eric Thönnesen, my sisters – Maggie Bliven and Laura Boyce, my niece Heather Escoe — and my sons and their SOs, and to everyone else — Thank you!

February 11 3:55PM


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the Dr. visit Fri went well. the saline iv drip was just the thing that was needed. had been giving Linda any kind of fluid or near fluid i could get down her til it was figuratively coming out of her ears, but she wasn’t retaining it in a useable form. it has been ascertained that the diarrhea was being caused by the disease, not the drug, so a monthly anti-diarrheal shot is being added to her regimen. she is finally able to eat & IS eating. so as soon as she has been eating long enough & well enough to recover from the malnutrition, we should see an increase in strength, energy & stamina & a decrease in lassitude. the Dr.’s visit yesterday was a confirmation of this improvement. have some specimens in the lab to check for infections & will get results on that next Thur. starts lower dosage of Sutent tonight. drove for the !st time today since the accident. a great boost for morale. wish her bon apetit!

February 8 12:25AM


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From Eric:

well, this week there’s been good days & then there’s been bad days as we’ve been waiting for the initial battery of drugs to flush. w/ the cessation of one of the drugs, we saw marked improvement w/ some symptoms, but the nausea and diarrhea continued leading to extreme dehydration which leads to appetite loss which leads to weight loss & all of which leads to an almost chronic listlessness. we tried all sorts of liquids & almost liquids from gatorade to V-8 to applesauce, all to no avail. i threatened to drive her to the hospital & demand iv fluids, but being as how i’m not a Dr. knew that wouldn’t work. fortunately, when we saw Dr. Nick today, he ordered 2 liters of saline solution drip stat to rehydrate her. also a shot for the diarrhea as neither the Imodium nor the scrip was doing an adequate job. she will start a regimen of a smaller dose of the Sutent (chemo) Mon. with a possibility of going back up on the dosage if true that the diarrhea & nausea were not caused by the drug. Linda will go in Mon. for some lab work to check for infections, etc. & then to a followup w/ Dr. Nick. she ate more tonight than she has eaten total the last several days. that is all for now.

February 4 2:27PM


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I apologize, first and foremost, for not staying in touch with anyone, even my blog. And secondly I apologize, because if i suddenly run out of energy before responding to everyone, i don’t want feelings hurt, but i will just go lay down, leaving FB once again until i have some sustainable energy!

Having said that, I know eric let you know we saw the Doctor on Friday; he took us off Sutent for 1 week, because it was obviously having a problem with my body…he will put me back on a lowered (very slightly) dose and we will observe from there. I will need to be out of work for a while, because we will be adjusting doses and checking reactions… i’ll let you know more about that as it moves along.

I want to thank each and every one of you personally for your greetings on my birthday (2/1) but obviously that will take a bit of time and energy to accomplish, so please, consider yourself and your words to be to be great treasures which i will pull out of the box and read, review, and hopefully respond to. May make it one of the “longest” birthdays ever on fb, in a way, lol.

My biggest problem is the dehydration in my mouth and throat. I can get down gatoraid and water and even soda occassionally. but my mouth remains so incredibly dried out that i cannot salivate with the food i try to eat, and everything, no matter how sweet, juicy, yummy, turns to “cardboard”… eric threatened next time i said i was hungry just to cut me off a piece of a pizza box, heat it, and viola! save time and money!

This is truly a serious problem, because what essentially is happening is that i am “starving myself” .. i can drink about 4 oz of milk, that’s positive. but water and gatoraid only go so far. doesn’t change soon, i may have to ask the doc to check me in at armc for rehydration/nutrition. i do NOT like being this helpless!

Again, thank you to everyone for their prayers, thoughts, well-wishes, generosity, love, caring, and all those things. You light up my life.